iPhone 4 Features

A new next generation Smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 4 has over 100 new features. However among those new elements we can find 7 the most excited aspects of iPhone4.

Pricing and Colors. The iPhone 4 will be available in two colors black and white. The 16GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $199 and the 32GB model of iPhone4 will cost $299. Both of these prices require the 2-year contract with AT&T.

iPhone 4 is Super-Thin. At 9.3 millimeters (it is 0.36 inches) thick, the iPhone is 24 percent thinner than iPhone 3GS.

Bing. In addition to Google, which remains the default search engine, and Yahoo, which existed as an option on the iPhone, iOS 4 will give users the option to use Bing.

Display Screen The iPhone 4 resolution comes in at 326dpi. Jobs said this resolution is actually higher than the human eye can see .

Video Chat and Camera. The iPhone 4 has a 5MP LED flash enabled camera that has 5x digital zoom. The iPhone 4 will be able to record 720p HD video at 30fps. On top of that, there’s video chat.

Chip and Battery. The iPhone 4 will use Apple?s A4 chip and a bigger battery than ever before.

The Gyroscope. The iPhone 4 has a gyroscope built-in. That allows to track movement with a very high precision.