WordPress for small business websites


WordPress is touted the best web platform for small business websites. Here are a few reasons why.

Ease of use
WordPress is designed to be effortless, especially for those with the most basic computing abilities. If you can operate MS Word, you have enough skills to utilize WordPress. From the moment it is set up, average users can add content with minimal effort. Using a few clicks, you’ll be able to incorporate text, photographs, audio, and video to your site.

Search Engine Visibility
Achieve top search engine visibility by using WordPress. WordPress has built in SEO, so right out of the box your site can be easily found. If you configure some of the settings, add a premium theme, or add a SEO plugin such as All-in-An individual Web optimization Pack, Platinum Search engine marketing Pack, or All In One SEO, you’re sure to be on Google’s front page. With WordPress you can also easily schedule and create regular blog posts which Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines love.

You can effectively create and manage a WordPress site at no cost to you. Anyone can go to WordPress.org and download the software package for free. There isn’t a cheaper option out there that does as much.

If your small business is tight on finances (who isn’t?), WordPress makes it possible to have a professional site without paying a professional designer to create it. This way, WordPress allows your small business to see a considerably larger return on its Internet advertising and marketing sources than when going with another platform.

WordPress themes are simple to modify, and there are hundreds of plugins and widgets out there for customization of your website or blog. There are also countless WordPress designers and developers out there, so you’ll always be able to uncover the knowledge you require at any development stage.

Strong in Social Media
About 250 of the more than 10,000 plugins available enable you to add social features to your site. This will enable you to learn more about your customers and prospects. More interactive than a static website, a blog can integrate with Linked-in, Facebook, and Twitter.

Trick it out – with Hundreds and hundreds of plugins to customize the functionality of your website/blog so that it fits your unique needs! Plugins are truly one of the reasons Why WordPress is the Best.