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2013 E-commerce Holiday Predictions

As holiday season rapidly approaches, so does the holiday rush for retailers.  This year holiday sales are expected to exceed $61 billion dollars in November and December.  There are six trends to follow that are going to be what makes holiday season such a big time for small and mid-sized retailers. Here is a list

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Staples Is Seattle Bound

Seattle, Washington is a great location to expand a large company’s horizons.  Google Facebook, and Groupon have already made their presence known in Seattle.  Therefore the news that Staples will also be making their new e-commerce and engineering center.

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The Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating A Website

Before you decide to have a website design service create and build a website for you or your business, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself before getting started.

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Yahoo Versus Google

Millions of Internet users are familiar with Yahoo and Google because of all of the features each of these sites utilize.  However, most would be very surprised to hear that Yahoo is once again the leader of the pack.  Yahoo has a very strong CEO with a voice that is grabbing attention right and left. 

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The Popularity Of HTML5

HTML5 provides a great example of how so many of the companies listed in The Fortune 500 aren’t necessarily the innovators when it comes to their design.  Analyzing how these huge companies are currently designing their digital assets will be essential in finding out the trends that are working for all of these companies.

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Shared And VPS Hosting – What Is The Difference?

Individual business owners and start up companies now getting a better selection of hosting options as both the technology industry and consumer demands are rapidly changing for the better. Better packages for hosting options are now letting the consumer decide which package is best for their business.

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E-Commerce SEO Success

Search engine optimization or SEO is much more difficult for merchants than any other professional using SEO online.  Each merchant has their own unique challenges and specialized strategies, which makes SEO very important.  Even though SEO for E-commerce sites is complex, it doesn’t mean it has to be challenging either.  The goal for an effective

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E-Commerce Sales Using Alternative Payment Methods

The rise of mobile commerce, non-bank payment options, and PCI compliance burdens is making many merchants consider new alternative payment options for all of their shoppers.  Therefore, the online payments industry is changing.  Changing payment options might seem like any easy task, but little attention has been given to the conversion aspect of these new

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WordPress Will Be Releasing Two Versions Concurrently In The Near Future

Any user of WordPress at this exact moment is thrilled to hear this amazing news. WordPress is a great platform for many websites, and is used around the entire world for business websites, blogs, and even as newsletters. WordPress 3.6 was released just recently therefore, the news of version 3.7 and 3.8 on the way

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USPS API changed (August 2013) – update your Magento store

If you run Magento store and offer to your customers USPS shipping options, you probably found out that it recently stopped working (it applies to Priority and Express mail shipping options). USPS was sending to its users an email about the change in their API, but if you didn’t take any action yet, it is

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