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Yelp And Google Flooded With Fake Reviews

Millions of people around the world rely on reviews before making a purchase.  Reviews range from a small coffee shop to business’s where large amounts of money are spent.  The bad thing about reading reviews is the possibility you might be reading a review that is not only fake, but the person writing the review

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Youtube Can Help With Your SEO Too!

Youtube is famous for being the website to go check out free videos for almost anything.  Most people do not realize that Youtube can also be a SEO force that will really help promote your business or website if you follow ten tips that truly will get you further in your marketing and promotion.

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Staples Is Seattle Bound

Seattle, Washington is a great location to expand a large company’s horizons.  Google Facebook, and Groupon have already made their presence known in Seattle.  Therefore the news that Staples will also be making their new e-commerce and engineering center.

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Shared And VPS Hosting – What Is The Difference?

Individual business owners and start up companies now getting a better selection of hosting options as both the technology industry and consumer demands are rapidly changing for the better. Better packages for hosting options are now letting the consumer decide which package is best for their business.

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An Impressive First Quarter For Online Jobs

According to data revealed by, working from home has become a very aggressive market over the last few years. Employers with strong E-commerce departments are developing easier ways to hire people for tasks that can be done from home.

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Is Twitter Capable Of Everything?

It seems as though Twitter can not only keep the entire world up to date with the latest breaking news, but Twitter is now offering a music application for it’s users. This application is going to be huge for music artists trying to break into the industry.

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WordPress 3.5.1 Hits the Market

WordPress is constantly creating new versions of their CMS to maintain their place as a top ranking website platform. On January 24th, 2013 WordPress announced their newest version, version 3.5.1. Update 3.5.1 focuses on general maintenance, ultimately fixing over 35 issues. ​This update also helps heighten security on the platform that millions use to build

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CES 2013: Introducing The Internet of Things

Every year the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas and brings with it all the latest gadgets and gizmos to hit the tech world. Over the years some of the biggest technology items in the world have used CES as the place to announce their release. Some of these notable

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2012: The Year in Review for WordPress

2012 proved to be yet another busy year for WordPress. The website recently posted, “2012: A Look Back,” which reviews the tribulations and triumphs experienced by the website over the past 12 months. Overall, WordPress had an incredibly successful year in 2012, gaining further popularity and truly claiming itself as one of the top online

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Take Your Business Farther in 2013

If you’re like most businesses the end of 2012 probably brought with it stressful deadlines, the organizing of finances, and project planning for 2013. As you enter 2013 there are a few key tips we suggest you follow in order to reap success this fiscal year. We’ve compiled these insights below for your reading pleasure.

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