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Money making opportunities with Vimeo

Vimeo, an online video site, announced few weeks ago that creators will now have an opportunity to make money from their films and videos. No, the films won’t be inundated with advertisements. Rather, they?ll have the online equivalent of a tip jar. Exactly as the name suggests, once Tip Jar is enabled, viewers can click

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Hacking Pin It Button

Pinterest offers a user friendly Pin It button generator. Unfortunately, they don’t really let web developers to modify the look of it. It is getting problematic in a situation when we insert few social media buttons horizontally next to each other and we realize that they have slightly different height. I faced this issue working

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Groupon offers deal for merchants

A new service offered by Groupon Payments offers sweet deals for merchants. The company announced few weeks ago that merchants who take advantage of their new service will receive credit card discounts. This move is a step into territory currently enjoyed Square and PayPal. 1.8% swipe fee plus $0.15 for each transaction for MasterCard, Visa

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Yahoo!’s recent sale to benefit investors

Yahoo! recently sold its shares in the Chinese enterprise, Alibaba, for $7.6 billion. After taxes, the take- home funds will be around $4.3 billion. Great news for investors in Yahoo!: the after tax monies, around $3.65 billion, will be funneled back to the company?s shareholders. Yahoo!’s investments in Alibaba totaled a 40% stake in the

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iOS 6 is here

Apple released its 6th major update for their mobile operating system this week. iOS 6 rolled out on Wednesday for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While there was some frustration from developers, the good news is the features Apple is bringing to the table: A brand new app for Maps Enhancements to Siri Deep

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Updating Magento 1.6 to 1.7

Because of our team’s experience working with Magento and building hundreds of websites using it, we have the skills needed to update your software quickly and efficiently. We view each client’s needs as unique and understand the complexity of upgrading Magento versions. Thus, we always let our client’s know the extent of the updates needed

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13 Qualities to Seek in a Web Host

hen you’ve chosen your URL, the next step in launching a web page is to choose your hosting. The choices can be overwhelming, but given the most important features, your comparison shopping won’t be as daunting. Here, we offer you 13 qualities to look for in a host provider. 1) Friendly and Useful Customer Support

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Data shows consumers less interested in computers

According to trend reports from Google, fewer people are curious about computers these days. In the days of new gagets and gizmos, this factoid seems shocking. But it’s true. According to Google’ search trend data, the line has decreased since 2004 in the number of searches for computer and electronics related terms, e.g. mac, windows,

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Search Engine Crawling

Search Engines are the organizing kings of the Internet. In the chaos of information, the search engine (whichever you choose) helps you find web sites according to the terms you suggest. Of course, your end is quite simple. The job of the search engine is, in comparison, rather complex. In fact, here are some Google

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Apple Introduces its New Maps App

For years the smartphone savvy individual has relied on Google maps as their main source for any directional needs. However, one of Apple’s many recent announcements is that they will be offering up some stiff competition in the coming months. Apple Maps will be featured in the iOS6 update and is already available to developers

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