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Starting an online store

How much of your recent shopping have you done online? Does this have your brain churning with entrepreneurial ideas? It should. Consider the following statistics: 186: amount (in billions) spent in 2010 online transactions 81: percentage of Internet users who research a product online 26: percent of people on the Internet who have used online

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SSL Certificate 101

Does your small business take in private information such as contact information or payment that needs to be secure? If so, you are in need of SSL on your small business website. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology originally created by Netscape. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web

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WordPress for small business websites

WordPress is touted the best web platform for small business websites. Here are a few reasons why. Ease of use WordPress is designed to be effortless, especially for those with the most basic computing abilities. If you can operate MS Word, you have enough skills to utilize WordPress. From the moment it is set up,

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Top 6 IT jobs for 2012

Despite multiple reports that 2012 may show declines in the job market for IT departments, many predict that cloud computing may actually be creating new roles within the field. The most recent IT Employee Confidence Index from Technisource reports that 32 percent of 257 employed IT professionals plan to look for a new job in

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IBM to purchase DemandTec

I.B.M. reported this week that they will purchase DemandTec, a web-based enterprise software company, for $440 million. Reasoning for this purchase is likely DemandTec’s standing with both cloud based services and data analytics. Craig Hayman, an I.B.M. general manager, commented, “The combination of DemandTec and I.B.M. will help marketing and sales executives in retail and

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Nothing says SOLD! like free shipping

Picture yourself browsing the Internet, shopping for that perfect gift. As you compare prices, one stands out: ‘Free Shipping on orders of [insert price] or more!’ Your brain starts spinning as you think So, if I order that whirlygig for myself, that will get my order total up to the free shipping cutoff. Sound familiar?

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Writing newsletters: tips for effective and efficient communication

Are you considering a newsletter to communicate efficiently with clients? Don’t be fooled by its simplicity- only a carefully planned and organized newsletter will communicate effectively. The following are tips to consider when embarking upon newsletter creation. Audience Who is your reader? Always keep your intended, strategic audience in mind when writing. What is important

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eCommerce Advice: The Value of Variety

At work or home, the Theory of Planned Behavior states that you are more likely to engage in a task if you have a choice within the selection. Do I start the laundry first or make dinner? Given choices, you are more likely to participate. The same holds true in the retail market. One study

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Custom Facebook Business Page Design for M-Cream Movie

Royal Deer Design is happy to announce a launch of a freshly designed Facebook Page for M-Cream Movie. We are using this occasion to show you a work behind the scene on this project. 1. Stage One – first and general sketch. 2. Stage Two – draft of a content. 3. Stage Three – a

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Naming Your Business – part 2

The world is full to the brim of every type of service, commodity and consulting firm. This doesn’t mean there’s not room for one more smart company that fits into a niche already saturated, but it does mean that any new company, be it a service or commodity, needs to work harder to differentiate itself

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