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Money making opportunities with Vimeo

Vimeo, an online video site, announced few weeks ago that creators will now have an opportunity to make money from their films and videos. No, the films won’t be inundated with advertisements. Rather, they?ll have the online equivalent of a tip jar. Exactly as the name suggests, once Tip Jar is enabled, viewers can click

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6 ways to achieve success with your product launch

Picture this: You want to release new features to your customers, and you decide to order the CDs from your local supplier. No! In the days of cloud computing, this is no longer necessary. Now, these features can be launched into the cloud and consumed by your clients as needed. No longer are we dependent

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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com ? Which One Should I Use?

You’re ready to take your blogging more seriously, and you’ve done our research. Many business websites use the wordpress platform for its ease of use, versatility, and customizability. But, which WordPress should you use? WordPress.com or WordPress.org? What is the difference, and which is the best choice for your small business? Read on and find

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10 strategies to increase website traffic

You’ve created your website, and it’s beautiful. You’ve posted it on Facebook, tweeted it to all your followers, emailed your contact list, and called every family member. Now, you’re sitting back waiting for the stats to show millions of page views. But, it’s not happening. Why not? Are you promoting your website in the best

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2 roads that lead to effective brand positioning

In the world of big business competition, it is crucial for small business owners to establish themselves. Brand positioning allows your business to promote itself, to define a presence in a world of cut- throat competition. Effective brand positioning will help your small business effectively and efficiently use the limited marketing resources you have available.

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When do-it-yourself is the bad choice: 5 items small business owners should invest in

Small business owners as a group are often prioritizing expenses to determine which options fit into the budget and which don’t. We try to do many things ourselves in order to save funds and improve our bottom line. However, there are some things in which an investment is a good idea. Otherwise you run the

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Four tips for an effective ecommerce site

How many purchases have you made using your smartphone in the past month? How about in the past week? With the rise of smartphone-friendly shopping carts, many businesses are catching on to the benefits of ecommerce. In fact, recent years have brought more and more small business retailers to ecommerce as an effective means of

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Q&A for an effective online presence

Your domain and the keywords you use help your customers and potential clients find you online. Be sure to choose keywords relevant to your business, and use them in your domain name, article titles, article subtitles, any descriptions, and the content of your site. If you’re not sure whether your keywords are relevant, use Google

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How to win grant funding to build a website

Step by step guide how win grant funding to build a website. 1) Develop your project idea Of course, you have an idea in mind for your website, but the question is… Is your idea unique? Only those ideas that stand out in a crowd will get the attention of funding agencies. Some of the

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To blog or not to blog? The real question for your e-commerce website

Would you like to increase traffic to your site, communicate with visitors, and reinforce your branding all at the same time? If so, a blog could be your answer. Blogs are valuable for most online businesses, but they are not ideal for every business owner or website manager. How will you know if you’re ready

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